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About Us

Our Mission

Elegant Polishing is an owner-operated company providing creative flooring solutions; bringing our craftsmanship and industry knowledge into sustainable relationships with our customers, the communities we are a part of and the earth we share.

The Benefit To Our Customers

Quality. Our customers know they can rely on the highest standards no matter how large or small the project, be it summer cottages to industrial complexes. Additionally, we will provide you with the products and service you expect. Please consider us when you are planning your next project, we would love the opportunity to share our passion and knowledge of the sustainable flooring industry.

Our Purpose

  • We offer owner accessibility to our customers
  • We promote our reputation as the customer’s assurance of quality services.
  • We provide our employees with a positive and safe working environment with a competitive living wage
  • Recognizing the earth as a valuable, yet limited resource, we contribute to a sustainable environment be being mindful of our practices¬† and utilizing earth-friendly products