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Concrete Polishing

A Perfect Solution

Polished concrete is changing the way the world views industrial and commercial flooring. Unlike floor coatings and tile that require constant maintenance and routine replacement polished concrete never needs to be waxed, buffed or replaced. Keeping your floor clean is the only maintenance your polished concrete floor will ever need. Polished concrete is OSHA approved and NFSI certified as a high traction floor. Solvent based dyes can change the color of your existing concrete to an array of colors.  No matter how large a project, polished concrete is a cost effective, appealing, and amazingly durable flooring solution.


The Polishing Process

  1. Metal bonded diamonds remove the existing epoxy coatings, surface stains, and blemishes.
  2. Diamond grinding pads remove the porous surface of the concrete.
  3. FGS Hardener Plus is applied to the concrete; sealing & strengthening the surface.
  4. Resin bonded diamonds are used to polish the concrete in stages; each stage leaves the concrete surface smoother and more refined.
  5. An ultra fine diamond pad brings the concrete to a beautiful, durable luster.

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Elegant Concrete Polishing, Inc. is located in New Haven Connecticut and is built on over 30 years concrete experience. Over the years concrete has evolved from a cold gray medium to a broad spectrum of beautiful finished products. Every year, hundreds of concrete products are introduced into the residential and commercial concrete industry.