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Terrazzo, Granite, and Marble Restoration

Over the years heavy foot traffic and routine wear can dull terrazzo, granite, and marble floors. Elegant Polishing can revive your existing floors to their original glory quickly and cost effectively. We use the latest technology we can restore the existing floors at a fraction of the price of replacement using virtually dustless process fast and efficient process. We can repair cracked and pitted areas with an endless array of colors and aggregates readily available for your convenience. Why replace such a breathtaking product when with a simple process they can be returned to original beauty.

When considering your terrazzo, granite, or marble restoration project please give us a call 866-447-6677.

Photographs courtesy of Peter Eisses.

Elegant Concrete Polishing, Inc. is located in New Haven Connecticut and is built on over 30 years concrete experience. Over the years concrete has evolved from a cold gray medium to a broad spectrum of beautiful finished products. Every year, hundreds of concrete products are introduced into the residential and commercial concrete industry.