About Elegant Concrete Polishing

Based in New Haven, CT, Elegant Concrete Polishing, Inc. has provided durable, eco-friendly flooring solutions to New England for over a decade. Our concrete polishing services include polishing cement-based toppings, concrete repair, surface preparation, sealed concrete, concrete resurfacing, epoxy coatings, and decorative staining of concrete. We value our customers and invest in great work and solid relationships as the foundation for trust and quality service.

Our Story

For more than a decade, we’ve provided durable, eco-friendly concrete flooring all over New England and the tri-state area. We credit the growth and success of Elegant Concrete Polishing to the respect and commitment of our customers and our ongoing relationship based on prompt, quality services and solutions.

The Value We Provide

The longest running concrete polishing and flooring solutions provider in Connecticut, Elegant Concrete Polishing is the most sought-after, elite contractors in New England providing customers with expert advice and sustainable, durable flooring solutions with a reputation built on reliability and trust for over 15 years.

Elegant Polishing is here to:

  • Always be accessible to and available for our customers
  • Build a reputation on customer confidence and trust in quality services
  • Guarantee our employees competitive compensation and a positive, safe, encouraging working environment
  • Appreciate and value the Earth by utilizing earth-friendly practices and products

The services we offer:

  • Concrete Polishing
  • Cement-Based Polishable Toppings 
  • Surface Preparation
  • Coating Removal
  • Epoxy Coatings
  • Terrazzo Polishing & Restoration
  • Decorative Coatings
  • Sealed Concrete
  • Concrete Resurfacing

Solutions for:

  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Educational Facilities
  • Show Rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Auto Dealers
  • Service Centers
  • Residential Homes
  • Retail Facilities
  • Food Service Companies
  • Airplane Hangers
  • Auto Showrooms